Economic Contribution of the Groton-New London Airport

Economic Contribution to CT

The Groton-New London Airport is an economic asset to the Town of Groton, New London County, and the State of Connecticut. The Airport provides a total economic contribution of 909 jobs and $119.5 million of output, including $55.2 million of labor income, and $3.9 million in state tax revenues. In 2010, full and part-time on-airport employment was equal to 675, of which 415 were permanent year-round jobs. Indirectly, the Airport supports approximately 500 jobs in Connecticut through $6.4 million in capital improvements and multiplier effects, triggered by airport management, tenant and visitor spending. More than 7,000 visiting aircraft landed at Groton-New London in 2010, carrying recreational pilots, business travelers, and visitors to the Mystic Region and to the two local casinos, Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. Additionally, nearly 1,600 students traveled to Connecticut to attend on-airport flight and survival training. Approximately 10 to 15 percent of the total operations at Groton in 2010 were for business purposes. General Dynamics/Electric Boat, one of the largest employers in Groton and in New London County, as well as several smaller businesses being major airport users contributed significantly to this number.



Labor Income

Total Output

State Taxes


New London County Connecticut
Jobs Labor Income($000s) Output($000s) Jobs Labor Income($000s) Output($000s)
On-Airport Jobs 415* $31,590 $57,282 415 $31,590 $57,282
Operations & Maintenance Spending 5 $242 $661 6 $296 $813
Capital Spending 81 $4,159 $9,622 86 $4,401 $10,283
Airport Tenant Spending 256 $11,963 $31,408 326 $16,190 $43,284
Visitor Spending 70 $2,319 $6,791 76 $2,705 $7,873
Total 827 $50,274 $105,763 909 $55,183 $119,534