Economic Contribution of the Hartford-Brainard Airport

Economic Contribution to CT

The total economic contribution of the Hartford-Brainard Airport in 2010 totaled 426 jobs and $54.8 million of output, including $17.1 million of labor income, and $940,000 in state tax revenues. With full- and part-time on-airport employment totaling 159 in 2010, the Hartford-Brainard Airport is an economic asset to the City of Hartford, the Hartford metropolitan area, and the State of Connecticut. Indirectly, the Airport supports 212 jobs in Connecticut through multiplier effects triggered by airport operations, maintenance, capital spending and tenant and visitor spending. More than 8,600 visiting aircraft landed at the Airport in 2010, carrying recreational pilots and business travelers. Approximately 15 percent of the total operations at Hartford-Brainard Airport were for business purposes. The Airport contributes to the success of local businesses by meeting demand for time-sensitive cargo transportation and air transportation for key personnel and clients.



Labor Income

Total Output

State Taxes